Reforming or just masquerading around?

The FIFA organization has been clouded with bribery and corruption. It is hard to believe that the governing body of soccer could be guilty of such charges. They always seemed to care about society, the environment, and even ending racism. Juliet Macur of the New York Times wrote about how FIFA has even gone to appoint a man, Francois Carrard, a ​Swiss lawyer to lead FIFA’s reform committee. It would seem that FIFA would be taking steps in the right direction with this appointment, but looks can be deceiving. Though appointed to help set FIFA in the right direction, he may be there as tool to help suede opinion on the FIFA scandal.

For someone who has been appointed to reform FIFA, Carrard sticks up for the institution of FIFA and even President Blatter who has been surrounded in doubt and thoughts that he is the mastermind of the scandal. Carrard has stated many harsh criticisms, and Juliet Macur makes sure we know about it. Carrard, in an interview, questioned why Americans are involved in FIFA at all. He questions this because soccer is far behind the other sports of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey in popularity in the U.S.; Carrard said that soccer was not a true American sport. Also that soccer in is an ethnic sport for girls in school. He tries to attack the Americans directly and attempt to take away their credibility in handling matters of soccer; especially in matters concerning law and justice in soccer. Though he attacks the Americans, he also sympathizes with FIFA and its president.

Appointed by FIFA itself, Francois Carrard can be seen to have a bias when it comes to FIFA and the investigation. At first when I knew about the FIFA scandal I never thought they could do any harm. After reading this article it would seem as if they just might have something to hide. Carrard attacks Americans, but then praises those in FIFA and sympathizes with them. He mentions when he is being interviewed that soccer would die without FIFA. Carrard talks about President Blatter and how he has suffered as a result of the corruption scandal unfolding. The leader of the reform committee also claims Blatter has been “treated unfairly”. Juliet Macur writes this showing how the leader of the reform committee doesn’t appear to be helping clean up FIFA, but rather he’s trying to defend FIFA. Due to the way that Macur has structured her article she has shown the aggressive rhetoric Carrard used against Americans and then the compassionate nature he has for FIFA and Sepp Blatter. This has me rethinking what I had initially thought about the FIFA scandal. Now I think that FIFA, President Blatter, and those attached with the governing body of soccer have something to hide. I didn’t want to believe that FIFA or those involved with FIFA could be guilty of corruption, bribery, or the like. FIFA is a sinking ship and there’s a few who are clinging desperately to it.


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