Power is Everything

Top officials from FIFA and other countries around the soccer world have been indicted and arrested with charges of corruption and bribery. With these indictments and arrests, Owen Gibson of the Guardian stated that there may be possiblymore arrests to come, it is safe to say that the momentum and power is within the hands of the U.S. and Swiss authorities investigating this issue. This confidence in authority is what’s fueling the investigating authorities to come out and speak in public about the investigation. Especially the U.S. authorities, Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch, who has recently come out and said that they expect to file more criminal charges, deepening the crisis surrounding the sport’s governing body. “US prosecutors have vowed to make a fresh wave of arrests involving both “entities and individuals” after new evidence emerged in their wide-ranging investigation into Fifa corruption.” (Gibson, 2015). This “power” they seem to have over FIFA in this investigation is helping the authorities dictate what they say about FIFA, and the investigation. US prosecutors are not intimidated or scared to pursue FIFA in its wrong doing; which most countries or prosecutors seem to be feeling towards FIFA.

It is clearly evident that the authorities who have been put in charge of investigating FIFA and its officials are fearless at the moment. They do not seem a bit nervous or worried about their investigations. Joshua Franklin and Brian Homewood journalists from Reuters wrote, Lynch had told a news conference the scope of our investigation is not limited and is following the evidence where it leads. She, and her investigation, feel very confident in their abilities that they do not have a limited scope for their investigation. They can freely go as far as they would like and have no fear. “The global response to the FIFA scandal had sent a clear message: “You are on the wrong side of progress and do a disservice to the integrity of this wonderful sport.” (Franklin & Homewood, 2015). There is no hiding place for the corrupt officials nor their stolen cash in this world. This is good and it can be bad as well. They are trying to get the support of those who want to see the evil that is corruption and bribery out of the governing body of soccer and soccer itself. With the authorities having all the power making arrest after arrest, we have not heard from those individuals who have been charged. We may hear through the news that some have pleaded not guilty to charges, but not a word in public like at a news conference. As the good law abiding citizens most of us are, we want to hear that the authorities are doing all they can to investigate and prosecute those who break the law in any way.

The authorities who are a part of the investigations want to put away those who would actively seek to break the law. We as the people want to see criminals be put away for the wrong that they commit. The authorities know this and they use words like “scope of our investigation is not limited” and more arrests are expected as a kind of pathos to appeal to those who want to see justice be served. With the amount of documents, evidence, and arrests the authorities have they are clearly in control of this investigation and issue.

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