FIFA and the Scandal

Topic Background

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), is the governing body of association football, or soccer. The current president, for now, is Joseph Sepp Blatter and he has been president since he was elected in 1998. Blatter has had all the power when its in regards to FIFA. But you cannot deny the collective power that the people have, even if they need someone more powerful to stand up for them (i.e. U.S. attorney general, Swiss authorities). Fans of soccer, lovers of the morals that the sport brings, the players and managers, and countries who are involved in the bribes and/or awarding of the world cup are people who this topic is important to. Also those who seek the knowledge of FIFA and how she works. I and those people who have found themselves clinging to their media should find this topic to have great importance because we should not have corrupted officials lower their morals. Those that are supposed to speak on behalf of their fellow countrymen, shouldn’t lower their morals for their own sake and have that as a reflection of the country as a whole that they are representing. The president especially can not be exempt from the high standards we hold for our leaders.

Sepp Blatter stated, “I can’t monitor everyone all of the time. If people want to do wrong, they will also try to hide it” on May 28, 2015 one day before FIFA election for president. He does have a point that the President does have many other responsibilities. Even so, there still should be some form of overseer to prevent criminal activity that is being talked about; bribery and corruption running rampant within and out of FIFA. May 29th Blatter wins the election and is elected to a fifth four-year term as FIFA president. Blatter goes on to claim two days later that the English and Americans, who lost their hosting bids for 2018 and the 2022 World Cup, respectively, that that is the reason why these criminal investigations were launched. June 2nd, just four days after being elected Blatter announces that he will resign and wants new elections to choose his successor; those elections won’t happen until February 2016, and he’ll remain president until that time. People will try to further themselves on this Earth no matter what they could face; especially if they can get away with it.

FIFA officials have, for many decades, acted immoral due to their elevation within the FIFA organization. Those who were charged, the U.S. Justice Dept. said, “…systematically paid and agreed to pay well over $150 million in bribes and kickbacks …” (U.S. D.O.J., 2015). Among those charged are officials of FIFA who accepted kickbacks and bribes by the executives and companies. This disregard for morality has been going on for decades and it is time to put these criminals away. As a separate investigation the Swiss authorities are looking at individuals on the suspicion of mismanagement and money laundering related to the awarding of rights to host 2018 World Cup in Russia and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. While Sepp Blatter may maintain his innocence and purity there are people who do not see him as a great leader.

Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, and Saddam Hussein are names of leaders the world has dislike for, especially here in the U.S. Journalist Simon Kuper, of the Financial Times, likens Blatter to all three of those men. He even goes on to say, “Like the other rulers above, he leaves no worthwhile legacy.” (Kuper, 2015). A man who has corrupted/tainted FIFA and the world of international soccer. Blatter was seen as the only one, who had all power in the governing of international soccer. Due to this absolute power Blatter obtained it is no wonder the authorities are trying to go for the head. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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