The FIFA scandal and what it means for soccer

Soccer in Europe is some of the purest, richest soccer played around the world. None more so than in England where modern soccer has its origins. Soccer in England has interested me ever since I started playing soccer at age 10. Now I have the opportunity to write about it and I believe this would be great. There is an abundance of topics that range from coaching changes, buying footballers that they just end up selling in a few years, and not winning their league or any major tournaments. Also more important topics of discussion are the increase in concussion related injuries and how the medical personal diagnose them, FIFA, the governing body of association soccer, with its corruption from the President and his disciples, and high ranking FIFA officials accepting bribes for the World Cup to go to a certain country.

Soccer has had my heart since an early age and I have been a fan since about the same time I started playing. A blog such as this will be very beneficial because talking about professional football teams and understanding the tactics, strategies, rules, mechanics, injury prevention, and team related news of the game would help for a career or degree in sports coaching. Even the difficult times in a sports team’s season can help other coaches learn what they could do differently if faced with similar circumstances. Explaining what goes on at the highest levels of the sport will help those who are very passionate about the sport understand why teams will do the things they do for their club/country. It can make them see what the officials do behind the scenes especially in FIFA where there has been corruption and bribing occurring. Sports has become an outlet for all types of people and when the coaches are competent enough to coach at each level, it makes the game that much more enjoyable.

I hope that one day I can have the opportunity to coach a sports team or two. I love sports and if I could help younger children to become better athletes and humans then that will give me joy. To learn from a professional team and then to apply that to your own team could be extremely advantageous for children in their growth and skills as football players or athletes in general. Through the sharing of information about a team’s formations, tactics, or training exercises it can benefit other coaches or those who seek knowledge about the inner workings of a top tier professional club. Anyone in the world can easily access this information with an internet connection. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) is by far the world leader in sports. And has, as of recent years, been showing international soccer more and more on their TV stations so more people in the U.S. can witness what’s going on in the news with soccer as a sport, and also for the people to view the world’s greatest sport.


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